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Our Mission

Having fun, Racing, and meeting friends who share the same passion. All of that at the most magical place on Earth. Our passion is to make it reachable for ice sailors from all over the World. To bring it together at such a remote place you need to have people who never give up. It all goes back to the time when Alexander Kopylov and Wim van Acker made the impossible happen, the first international Ice boat event at Lake Baikal
These days it‘s a combined effort of passionate friends from Irkutsk, Bratsk, Vladivostok and Moscow who bring all the pieces together from paving the road to race committee. They want to make sure we all have the times of our life, and yes we definitely do!
Further our mission is to support the junior program in Russia and promote Ice sailing in general, but more than that to make friends for life throughout this amazing sport.




Ice sailor since 1996

Joerg, a passionate DN icesailor for many many years, traveling all over the World to sail on the  most beautiful lakes you can imagine.

Joerg is responsible for the logistic part and promotion of the Baikal Ice Sailing week.



Ice sailor since 2008

Dideric is a kind of newbie in the sport of iceboating,

but also very passionate, always searching for new places to go ice sailing.

Dideric is responsible for communication and promotion of the Baikal Ice Sailing week in Europe and US.

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