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Organizing the Baikal Ice Sailing trip is a logistic challenge! Collecting all boats from the whole of Europe to one place. Putting them in 2 shipping containers and drive

them all the way to Lake Baikal and back.

There for we made a leaflet with "What to know" if you want to join us on this extraordinary trip to Lake Baikal, download the leaflet below.

2018-04-07 16.00.31Bajkal.jpg


This year, 26.03/02.04-2022, will be the 11th time we will be sailing the Baikal Ice Sailing Week,

every year we try to upgrade this trip, that’s why we ask you to read this manual carefully!
We will sail 3 regatta’s, Asian Cup, Russian Championship and Baikal Cup.
Also we probably will have sailors from China who will join us at Lake Baikal.


Costs and payment:
If you want to be sure to have a spot in the container for your equipment, we ask you for a non refundable downpayment of € 400,- payed within 1 week after you made your reservation.
Total shipping costs will be as followed.
14-21 boats, € 1.400,-
22-27 boats, € 1.300,-
28-33 boats, € 1.150,-
34 and more, € 950,-
Payment for Carnet € 1.800,- per person, this amount will be returned to your account after the container is back in Germany.
Payment must have arrived on the Baikal account latest by January the 1st 2022, otherwise the next boat on the waiting list will take the spot.
First payment, € 400,-  Second payment € 1.800,- + € 550,- = € 2.350,- latest January the 1st. 2022

Bank account:
H.D. van Riemsdijk
IBAN: NL62ABNA0433998105
Description: Name and sail number  

Maximum number of participants
We have a maximum of 42 boats for the containers.
If there are more than 42 boats, a reserve list will be kept.

Explanation of costs
All information needed for the Carnet A.T.A. is, that the deposit of € 1.800,- is the amount for each sailor’s equipment. This individual amount  multiplied  by the number of boats in the containers (42 x 1.800,- = € 75.600,-) has to be transferred to an account available to Russian customs only. In case of non matching numbers of equipment between entry and exit of the container (e.g. only one mast or runner less on the way out) the money will not be returned to us! We also have no legal ways to fight for it. The same occurs if material is found in the
container that is not listed. The container will be opened and checked visually (counting of equipment) and further will undergo weighing and X-Ray on both entry and exit.

Please check in time that you will have a proper TPL-insurance for icesailing. This is not only necessary for the “big events” like WC and/or EC, but also for sailing on Lake Baikal.
- The liability cover must be at least €  500.000,–
- The certificate must clearly show that this insurance covers sailing with iceboats including race events and training races.
- The certificate must show, that the insurance covers Worldwide!
- The certificate must clearly show, that it is valid at least for the time of the event.
You can send your insurance to the IDNIYRA insurance manager, he will check your insurance and give you an ID,

so you know your insurance will be oké. Tell him you going to sail on Lake Baikal.

Canceling you trip
4 weeks before container departure (Container departure 1th week of March), unless a sailor from the waiting list or if there is not someone else replaces the canceling sailor, the full transport fee cannot be refunded anymore.

What do we need to know.
- Your Equipment list
- Do you want to go by Bus or by Taxi to Lake Baikal
- Your Room type at Uyuga
- Your Room type in Irkutsk

Get you visum here:
Wolga Reisen, your contact is Alexander
Nadorster Str. 61
26123 Oldenburg, Germany
Tel. 0441 88 59 616; 0441 884 220
Fax: 0441 88 59 413
The costs will be ± € 100,- plus shipping.
This is what you need to get your Visa from Wolga Reisen
-Passport at least valid 6 month upon entry date
-Health insurance confirmation from Russia (issued for free by your foreign travel insurance or your health insurance.
Alternatively it can be bought from Alexander).
-Prove of income by sending your latest payroll or pension sheet. Those self employed need to send their business registration.
-Application form
Please note that getting a Visa will take at least 3 weeks, so be on time.
Wolga Reisen has done the Visa for all Baikal events and the Europeans in St. Petersburg.
Via Wolga Reisen it’s the easiest way to get a Visa, no invitation is needed!

If you want to arrange your Visa by your self, we can provide a Russian invitation for you.
The costs will be ± € 50,-

List of max. equipment:
Fill in the form (extra pdf file) and send it to:
1 Hull
2 Planks
2 Masts
1 Boom
3 Sails
14 Runners

Preparing your equipment:
To avoid damage to your runners on the long journey we strongly recommend Stormcase runner boxes.
We recommend the Stormcase im3100, that holds up to 11 runners with no wings.
To avoid damage to the rest of your equipment use covers for all you equipment!

Loading the container:
All equipment must be in the container the latest at February 28th 2022
Container adres:
Heinz Bohn
Hauptstr. 14
Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
T +49 44031201
Please give Mr. Bohn a call at least one day ahead of your equipment delivery.
Note: No calls between 12:00 and 14:00 and not after 20:00.
Don’t strap your equipment, everything will be strapped when all the equipment is there.


Traveling from Moskou to Irkutsk on 24-03
Flight number: SU 1442  
Arrival time: 25-03 at 08:35
Please book this flight, so everybody will be in Irkutsk at the same time and we all can travel with the same and only bus.
Note: If you take a later flight this day the bus won’t wait. Further, be aware that there are less expensive offers with different transit airports and airlines in Moscow up to 4 hours appart from each other.
Therefore fly Aeroflot past Shermetyevo! Flights are currently between € 550- € 650 from airports in Europe return to Irkutsk

A bus will take us to the Lake, estimated travel time 5 hours, including 1 stop.
Arrival time around 3:00PM, (daylight until 21:00)
Bus is free of charge

There is also an opportunity to go by taxi.
Taxi costs € 130,- per taxi (max. 2 persons per taxi)
Please let us know if you want to go by bus or taxi, taxi has to be payed in advance.

How to get Rubles
At Baikal you can pay cash or with card, you can get some Rubles at Moscow Airport during transit.
The easiest way with the best rate is to get your Rubles through our contact in Irkutsk, he will bring you Rubles to the race site.
Please put your money in an envelope with your name and the amount of money written on it.
You can give the money to Dideric at Irkutsk Airport when we arrive.
We only except envelopes.

How to get a Russian SIM card
If you want a Russian SIM card, buy one at Moscow airport, look for an MTS provider stand.
unlimited data will cost about € 10,-
No calling to Europe or US, but you can call trough WhatsApp or Messenger.
You can call Russian phone numbers.

Going home:
After one week on Lake Baikal you don’t want to go home, but for those who do want to go.
We will leave on 03-04-2022 Sunday morning by bus or taxi to Irkutsk.
Hotel reservation will be made at the “Courtyard by Marriot Hotel”
Please let us know if you want a double or single room.
Sunday night we will have a farewell goodbye buffet dinner at The Rocks.
Monday 04-04-2022, back home from Irkutsk to Moscow.
Fight number: SU 1443.
For those who want to spend some extra time in Irkutsk or Moscow, this is the time to do it!
Please let us know!


Hotel reservation:
Uyuga, the primary site at Lake Baikal, has several room options:
Single-, double room or Chalet.
Prices as followed (may vary by current exchange rate):
Single room ± € 35,- per night
Double room ± € 55,- per night
Chalet, ± € 90,- per night
3 meals a day ± € 25,- per day
(the site can be changed due to ice conditions and prices for accommodation and food may vary then)
All reservations for rooms and Chalets will be made by us, please give us your choice upon your reservation.

- Hovercraft day trip, € 150,- per person.
- Car rental
- Long distance ice sailing trip
- Every morning yoga with Alex!
- Live music played by ice boaters
We are working on a light weather program, more info later on.
There will be also 1 “No sailing day”.
We have a trip coördinator at Uyuga, there you can plan your trips.

The weather at Lake Baikal is something special.
Weather at Lake Baikal around March
Temperatures at night around -10˚ at daytime 1˚/5˚
Wind 5-15 knots, wind starting to blow around 12:00
Best winds mostly from SW or NO
Iphone app: Weatherpro (baikal)

Thickness around 1.00 meter
Ice surface, mostly black ice with some snowdrifts.
Chance of rough ice because of some rain and intens sun.

Q & A
If you have any question, please send an email or call.
Dideric van Riemsdijk H467
+31 681286609

All information as read above can be changed.
The organization of this trip can not be held responsible for any
error or damage made on the preparation and execution of this trip.
All prices mentioned in this leaflet are based on current exange rate.

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